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Sports and Beer

Sports and beer have an old-time and deep connection through the years. In fact, and according to the statistics, 76% of soccer enthusiasts drink beer during live matches, and 74% drink beer keeping up the game through television. On the other hand, and aware of this fact, soccer teams get sponsored by alcoholic drinks, mostly beer, in incredibly high values. Just as an example, since 2012 Budweiser has invested over UK£1.3 million directly into English soccer. Many other cases [...]


The Perfect Food For The Right Type Of Beer

Now that you have read our article about beer types let's take it to another level: matching them to the right type of food. Food pairing! Knowing exactly what kind of meal goes well with your favorite type of beer is an everyday challenge. It takes a lot of experiments, some of them will work, and others will probably make you question "What the hell are you doing that?", But it is all for a good reason, trust us! As we [...]