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10 Beer Mixing Drinks

Have you tried a beer with other types of drinks? Soda, wine, coca-cola, lemon... the list goes on. If not, don't be scared. Trying beer in other formats doesn't make you less beer lover than you actually are. It just makes you more adventurous and confident.   Black & Tan: Lager and Guinness together. The result?  A colored and fun drink to have.  Black Velvet: Directly from London city, Black velvet is a beer cocktail mixing Guinness and champagne.Bananenweizen:  Known as a german drink, Bananenheizen [...]


Why Aren’t Beer Bottles and Glasses Bigger?

Have you ever wondered why beers have such a small quantity? And why are the bottles so dark? Beer is considered the cheapest viable option for drinking lovers. Available everywhere with million choices prepared for our own tastes, getting the beer, in physical stores or buying beer online, the possibilities are so vast, that we sometimes buy the cheapest just because. Regardless of the beer, we choose, have you ever wondered why that favorite beer of yours doesn't have a [...]