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10 Beer Mixing Drinks

Have you tried a beer with other types of drinks? Soda, wine, coca-cola, lemon... the list goes on. If not, don't be scared. Trying beer in other formats doesn't make you less beer lover than you actually are. It just makes you more adventurous and confident.   Black & Tan: Lager and Guinness together. The result?  A colored and fun drink to have.  Black Velvet: Directly from London city, Black velvet is a beer cocktail mixing Guinness and champagne.Bananenweizen:  Known as a german drink, Bananenheizen [...]


What Does Your Favorite Beer Says About You?

There's a lot of things that reveal our personality. Music, clothes, hairstyle, food, and also the type of alcohol we usually drink. For example, whiskey lovers are known for their confidence. Gin fans are usually disconnected from the drinking trends. On a pub, they can be the only ones drinking gin in a beer warriors environment, but they won't trade it for anything. And for Jagermeister fans? With a careless attitude, the world is just a happy place. We are always [...]