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Best Beers For Winter

Cold temperatures, rain, snow, storms, and shacky wind, Winter is coming and is bringing one of the coldest winters of all time. We know you are prepared for those stay-home days while watching a movie with the strong rain falling in your roof, but are you ready and aware of the best beers to drink along with cold weather? Like during summer with that light and fresh beer after work, during winter it is also pleasant to have that [...]


How To Avoid Beer Belly

Beer belly is just a men's curse. Unlike some of you, the average man does not have the perfect genetics to drink as he wants and stay fit in the process, right? Regardless the drink you might choose, the problem is and will always be the beer. Why? Due to its excessive calories, the fact that it doesn't allow you to burn fat and the increase of the phytoestrogen content of your diet beer is the forbidden fruit in [...]


Does Beer Freeze?

Answering directly to this question, Yes! Beer can freeze. Unlike vodka, who does not freeze in a regular freezer, beer, due to its significant amount of water, has more chances to freeze in our home freezer. It would be great to put the beers in the freezer without additional concerns, but overnight, the beer is entirely icy. Why? Well, first water, alcohol and sugar combined increase the time needed to it to freeze. As the alcohol and sugar have [...]


9 Curiosities About Beer

Unlike you might think, beer is not a new drink. Not even was invented during the middle ages. Instead, the earliest evidence of beer making was found in western Iran, dating back to 3,500 BC. Known as the most drinkable drink in the entire world, beer is still a completely unknown world regarding several aspects. Did you know, for example, that in the U.S, tv channels are not allowed to show people drinking beer in the commercials. It’s actually regulated by the [...]