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10 Beer Mixing Drinks

Have you tried a beer with other types of drinks? Soda, wine, coca-cola, lemon... the list goes on. If not, don't be scared. Trying beer in other formats doesn't make you less beer lover than you actually are. It just makes you more adventurous and confident.   Black & Tan: Lager and Guinness together. The result?  A colored and fun drink to have.  Black Velvet: Directly from London city, Black velvet is a beer cocktail mixing Guinness and champagne.Bananenweizen:  Known as a german drink, Bananenheizen [...]


Best Beers For Winter

Cold temperatures, rain, snow, storms, and shacky wind, Winter is coming and is bringing one of the coldest winters of all time. We know you are prepared for those stay-home days while watching a movie with the strong rain falling in your roof, but are you ready and aware of the best beers to drink along with cold weather? Like during summer with that light and fresh beer after work, during winter it is also pleasant to have that [...]


How To Avoid Beer Belly

Beer belly is just a men's curse. Unlike some of you, the average man does not have the perfect genetics to drink as he wants and stay fit in the process, right? Regardless the drink you might choose, the problem is and will always be the beer. Why? Due to its excessive calories, the fact that it doesn't allow you to burn fat and the increase of the phytoestrogen content of your diet beer is the forbidden fruit in [...]


Does Beer Freeze?

Answering directly to this question, Yes! Beer can freeze. Unlike vodka, who does not freeze in a regular freezer, beer, due to its significant amount of water, has more chances to freeze in our home freezer. It would be great to put the beers in the freezer without additional concerns, but overnight, the beer is entirely icy. Why? Well, first water, alcohol and sugar combined increase the time needed to it to freeze. As the alcohol and sugar have [...]


9 Curiosities About Beer

Unlike you might think, beer is not a new drink. Not even was invented during the middle ages. Instead, the earliest evidence of beer making was found in western Iran, dating back to 3,500 BC. Known as the most drinkable drink in the entire world, beer is still a completely unknown world regarding several aspects. Did you know, for example, that in the U.S, tv channels are not allowed to show people drinking beer in the commercials. It’s actually regulated by the [...]


Sports and Beer

Sports and beer have an old-time and deep connection through the years. In fact, and according to the statistics, 76% of soccer enthusiasts drink beer during live matches, and 74% drink beer keeping up the game through television. On the other hand, and aware of this fact, soccer teams get sponsored by alcoholic drinks, mostly beer, in incredibly high values. Just as an example, since 2012 Budweiser has invested over UK£1.3 million directly into English soccer. Many other cases [...]


What Is Lambic Beer

Known for being produced in the Pajottenland region of Belgium and in Brussels itself, lambic beer is a type of beer that doesn't look or taste like regular beer. Constituted by gueuze and kriek lambic beers, this type of drink has its own brewering secrets. Unlike regular beers which are exposed to the carefully selected yeast, lambic beers are fermented in contact with wild yeasts and bacteria belonging to the Zenne Valley, giving it a sour, dry, and cidery [...]


The Perfect Food For The Right Type Of Beer

Now that you have read our article about beer types let's take it to another level: matching them to the right type of food. Food pairing! Knowing exactly what kind of meal goes well with your favorite type of beer is an everyday challenge. It takes a lot of experiments, some of them will work, and others will probably make you question "What the hell are you doing that?", But it is all for a good reason, trust us! As we [...]


Beer Terminology

Being a love beer and acting like one are two distinct things. Loving beer is a universal condition where every "patients" eager for that cold and fresh little sip at the end of the day. Moreover, loving beer is knowing how it works, how was it produced, its history, background, and most importantly, is to chose the right beer for the right occasion. Acting like a beer lover is different. Basically, you just need to drink. Therefore, to help you [...]


What Do I Need To Start a Brewery

Loving beer is more than getting drunk with a lower budget. If you are a beer lover, you know this incredible drink will be a long-time fellow for hard and happy times. Regardless of your personal favorite tastes, whether it is APA, Lager, Ale, Stout, or any other type of beer, there's something universal about beer lovers: finding the best beer to complement and fulfill their palate. Therefore, the number of breweries and homemade beer have increased over the [...]