Brewing Starter Kit (25L)

Brewing Starter Kit (25L)


With Brewing Starter Kit (25L) starter set, you get all the basic materials at home.

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Brewing Starter Kit (25L). All basic materials for the fermentation of beer up to 20 litres. With this starter set, you get all the tools needed at home to start brewing beer, you can get started right away!

Contains the following:

  • 25 l brew bucket with lid and graduation
  • 100% silicone plug for the airlock
  • Airlock for the brewing bucket
  • Heat-resistant tap
  • Crown corker 26 mm
  • 100 crown caps
  • Plastic stirring paddle
  • Puro Oxi cleaning agent 100 g
  • Bottlebrush
  • Special filling pipe
  • 10 exclusive beer mats
  • Hydrometer
  • Test glass for the hydrometer
  • Thermometer -10 to 110°C

Pay attention! This set contains no Beer Kit (ingredients) or book.

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