How to make craft beer

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How to make craft beer

Craft beer, as we have explained here (link for the previous article) is the most natural and detailed process of making artisanal beer.

Like any other beer, the ingredients are the same, but their quality and characteristics vary.  To become beer expertise, this is the first step to understand and be able to discuss millions and millions of choices among this “home-made” beer. Let’s start to explain and describe the fourfold beer ingredients.  

  1. Water

Thinking about beer doesn’t ring a bell for water, right? Yet, water is one of the key ingredients to developing a consistent and tasty craft beer, depending on the water used. Although its presence is not appreciated or even mentioned and referenced, water is used to boil the other ingredients. Therefore, its quality and characteristics, such as PH, should be chosen meticulously. As the water will have to combine with all the ingredients, start by selecting a neutral, without chlorine and flavors associated, to begin brewing.  

The process to turn the seeds into alcohol starts here, with Barely. It will produce the sugars that will turn into alcohol through yeast. This cereal is provided and developed in temperate climates and is also used in the food industry, under another process. In the beer industry Barley is processed into malt, which consists in soaking it in water for a few days, producing the components necessary for fermentation.

  1. Malt

As we said before, Malt is the responsible for giving to the sugars released (by barely) the alcohol needed for an incredible and tasty beer. Not only we can think of malt for the alcohol. It is also responsible for the flavor, the body and the aroma released. Its characteristics will define whether the beer is sweeter, bittersweet or any other flavor experience taste. Although this is the generic use of malt, we should warn you that some malts can’t produce sugar. They are only used to develop and create the right flavor to the beer.

Try first by discovering what’s the malt used in your favorite craft beers, and you’ll have an idea what kind of flavor it can offer.


Hops are a plant used to balanced the sweetness and bitterness of a beer produced by the malt. Depending on the type of beer you want to develop, hops are the natural secret to add or take the sweet out of the process. However, hops are also responsible, a little bit, for adding flavor and taste to your beer depending on the time they will be attached to it. If you add them later, the beer will be less bitter, but it’ll have more aroma and flavor. If you add them earlier, the beer will definitely be more bitter.

  1. Yeast

Yeast is a fungus, like mold or mushrooms. It is invisible to the naked eye, but it is a crucial ingredient to help to produce the tastier and better beer out there. Basically, it creates the alcohol. It also influences the final flavor, usually adding fruity and spicy notes. Responsible for “top-fermenting,” and also “bottom-fermenting,” Yeast determine whether a beer is an ale or a lager.

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