Famous People who Invested in craft Beer

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Famous People who Invested in craft Beer

Beer is a universal drink. Not fancy, not trashy. Honestly, is the only drink that everybody, and we mean expertly everybody drinks! Regardless of the event, irrespective of your status or social environment, you can find beer for every single type of situation. From the common mortal to the Hollywood star and LA musician, craft beer is rising as well as homebrews beers. Therefore, we want to show you how tv starts, music hit owners and governmental actors can share the same taste and interest as you!

Here is a list of five celebrities who started or are collaborating with craft breweries.

Hanson Brothers – Hanson Brothers Beer Company

With a 90’s vintage inspiration the three brothers switch from Mmmbop to MmmHops. The Hanson brothers have invested in their own brewery, ‘Hanson Brothers Beer Company.’ Based in Tulsa, “their flagship beer is beautifully named, Mmm Hops Pale Ale, has been around for a few years now and they are recently expanding their beer line to include Inland Porter.”

Adrian Grenier – Churchkey Can Company

Churchkey Can Company’s only beer was Founded in 2012, by former actor Adrian Grenier. ‘Churchkey Pilsner Style Beer,’ the only beer brewed so far  should be opened with can piercer, or “church key.”

Adrian Grenier wanted to revive the old-school flat-top-cans, but quality control forced them to suspend their production until they find a viable solution for the storage and canning of the beers. “The integrity of the beer was being compromised,” Hawkins said. “The canning line wasn’t as efficient as we needed it to be, the pressure inside the can was too high, and we ultimately had to pull the beer off shelves.”

Wil Wheaton – Stone Farking Wheaton W00tstout

This self-professed “beer geek” partnered together with Drew Curtis and Greg Koch of Stone Brewing, one of the largest craft breweries in the United States. ‘Stone Farking Wheaton Wootstout’ was produced in 2013, and it’s brewed every year. You can read on Stone Brewing website Greg Koch’s dedication and explanations of this collaborative beer.

“The nerd lives in all of us.  Celebrate it! Now is the golden age for us lovers of awesome things.  We’re here. We’re vast, and we’ve got great taste. This beer is an ode to you, Fellow Nerd.”

Tom Green – The Tom Green Beer

Canadian actor and comedian Tom Green have collaborated with Canadian brewery ‘Beau’s’ to produce The Tom Green Beer. As a milk stout, Tom Green wanted to give his personal interpretation of the silky and sweet milk stout by making it more robust. But wait, there’s more. In Beau’s website https://beaus.ca/recipe/tom-green-cake/, you can also find Tom Green’s chocolate cake which, as he claims, “The Tom Green Beer! milk stout perfectly compliments the dark chocolate cake.”

President Obama – White House Honey Ale

Brewed directly with White House’s honey (from the bees, of course), The White House Honey Ale was first produced in 2012 through a homebrew kit that Obama bought. The former president brewed two more styles with his homebrew kit, White House Honey Blonde Ale, and White House Honey Porter.

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