Beer and Craft Beer. What’s the Difference?

beer and craft beer whats the difference

Beer and Craft Beer. What’s the Difference?

Beer and craft beer are two distinct things. The final product is the same. Beer. But its process is a little bit different.

Beer stands for: An alcoholic drink made from yeast-fermented malt flavored with hops.

Craft Beer means: beer made using traditional methods in small, independent breweries.

Like in any field, we have the same product made out of different tools and resources. Food, for example, is the best similar situation we can explore. When buying stakes or any other meat, there are two options: in the supermarket or the butcher. In both possibilities we want meat, but we know how different it was processed, stored and maintained before selling. In one hand the meat has its artificial conservation methods, its high series production, which decreases the quality of the pieces of meat, and usually lower prices. On the other hand, while buying meat in the butcher, we typically pay a little bit more, but the quality is not reduced, usually is fresh, and has no artificial conservation for its storage.

Beer and craft beer are almost the same. Beer is what we drink when we want to get drunk or are just thirsty. Craft beer is to enjoy, appreciate, and feel every single different note in our palate. With an almost similar taste, beer is drunk out of a can or bottle, especially cold, and it is made usually out of the water, malted barley, Hops, and yeast. Craft beer, on the other hand, is also made out of these four ingredients, but with a particularity. All the ingredients are chosen wisely and meticulously. The quality of the ingredients and consequently product is the top priority for breweries, the ones in charge of producing beer.

Every brewery spends a lot of time and effort trying to find the perfect combination to produce a different, unique, robust, and particular beer for beer lovers. That different detail, like fruit, coffee or caramel, for example, without cutting the beer experience, and also taste, out of it.

Regular beers have one particular problem. As they are producing for the masses, watery beer is more profitable and faster than creating a gourmet drink. Not only beer and craft beer have their differences on their taste and process. The culture is also distinct. Beer breweries and craft beer breweries have different management and vision toward their products. In a craft beer brewery, you can assist their process in person, and you can get along with brewery’s masters. It is more intimate, more exclusive.

Regarding regular beer breweries or companies, the process is unknown. They are unreachable, and they produce and export millions of beers every week. Therefore, it is a more expansive and inhuman approach. The product overcomes the experience.

When you are introduced to a craft beer by a beer enthusiast, you may think “beer is just beer.” But when you step in into this world, you will know how deceived and lost you were when it comes to beers.Find the right craft beer for you among all our options here: To know more about the best craft beer breweries take a look at our magazine with incredible interviews, opinions, food pairing suggestions, and much more!

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