Frequently Asked Questions

The purchase of any product on the Aperitivo site, consists of the acceptance of these General Conditions of Sale Online.

1. Any and all alcoholic beverages available for sale within our site may only be purchased by persons who are of legal drinking age in your country of residence. If in doubt, contact us. Link to the contact form

2. Apperitivo reserves the right to modify, without prior notice, the moment, the information and the commercial offer presented: the products, the prices, the sales, the commercial conditions and the services. Les images qui illustrent chaque produit, more different from the articles, from the same products risquent de tomber en panne.

3. Despite the efforts in the Apperitivo, some products may present an inexact price, which is why Apperitivo checks each price at the time of each purchase. Consequently, all the prices presented in our site are indicative only and do not constitute of the contractual proposal. If the effective price of the product is less than advertised, Apperitivo will reimburse the difference in price. If the price is higher, Apperitivo will contact the consumer through an email and will wait for the consumer’s decision to choose the correct price or the full refund and cancellation of the purchase within a period of 15 days from of the date the email was sent.

4. Protected by Luxembourg law, all listed prices include VAT taxes. Only for professionals are the values ​​presented that do not include VAT, thus presenting the information “without VAT” always legible next to the price.

5. Any case that the purchase can not satisfy the customer in whole or in part, the Customer Service Department will contact the best solution.

6. Shipping and handling costs for each purchase are calculated primarily for two factors: packaging cost and shipping cost. The cost of packaging per bottle is € 2. The cost of transportation depends on the weight of the package and the distance from your final destination. Portion fees will be automatically calculated once the purchase is made in our online store. For domestic purchases within Luxembourg above € 50, transportation is free. Final and total values ​​will always be presented to the customer upon completion of the purchase. These values ​​may change without prior notice.

7. For resellers with delivery in Luxembourg, delivery is free for purchases over € 75.

8. Generally, a package is delivered within 48 hours in Luxembourg, about 5 working days in Europe and 5 to 7 days for the rest of the world.

9. All purchases made on the Aperitivo site, have a maximum payment date of 15 days. If this time period is exceeded, the purchase will be automatically canceled.

10. All products sent by Apperitivo must be checked after delivery. If, for any reason, the package is damaged in any way, it must be returned immediately to the carrier, justify the reason for its return in the delivery ticket and inform the Apperitivo as soon as possible.

11. The Apperitivo is not responsible for packages sent to countries that do not allow the entry of alcoholic beverages. This is the full responsibility of the customer if the package is retained by customs. In the case of a returned package, the Apperitivo will only reimburse the cost of items purchased within the package. For more information about prior transportation, please contact our office in advance.

12. The Apperitivo recognizes to all its customers the right of termination of the contract in force, allowing the delay of 14 days for the return of the products acquired under the terms of the Luxembourg legislation. Any questions, questions or additional information do not hesitate to contact us. Link to the contact form

13. All purchases made on the Apperitivo site are subject to Luxembourg law. Any conflict or divergence of interpretation of the General Conditions for online purchases will be submitted to the competent Luxembourg court.

The general conditions online can vary without prior notice, so they should be consulted before each purchase.

Yes, we only accept payment methods that are completely safe to you and to our company. Stripe and paypal are verified instruments that make sure your buy is secure.

Yes, making sure you follow our rules and conditions of the return policy.

Your Package should arrive anywhere between 48 to 72 hours.If there is any delay do not hesitate to call us.