The Man Behind Saint Valentine’s Day

We all enjoy celebrating Saint Valentines Day. Chocolate, roses, champagne and a lot of Al Green (if done correctly at least). It’s a day to share with our most significant other. A day to give thanks to the people that makes our days a little better, no matter how bad they were. And even though it is an excellent concept, most people don’t know the story behind the holiday. St. Valentine was a priest "He was a Roman Priest at a [...]

Chocolate bar

Belgian Chocolate, a precious tale

By the end of this text, I hope you will not only be hungry but willing to try one of the most precious cultural heritage experiences the Belgian people offer the world. To start this Journey right, we need to go back to 1635 when Belgium was under the Spanish occupation that brought the chocolate to these exceptional chocolate makers. It was extremely popular at the time in the middle and upper classes to consume chocolate, and the Belgian liked [...]