January 2019

10 beer mixing drinks

10 Beer Mixing Drinks

Have you tried a beer with other types of drinks? Soda, wine, coca-cola, lemon... the list goes on. If not, don't be scared. Trying beer in other formats doesn't make you less beer lover than you actually are. It just makes you more adventurous and confident.   Black & Tan: Lager and Guinness together. The result?  A colored and fun drink to have.  Black Velvet: Directly from London city, Black velvet is a beer cocktail mixing Guinness and champagne.Bananenweizen:  Known as a german drink, Bananenheizen [...]

best beer for winter

Best Beers For Winter

Cold temperatures, rain, snow, storms, and shacky wind, Winter is coming and is bringing one of the coldest winters of all time. We know you are prepared for those stay-home days while watching a movie with the strong rain falling in your roof, but are you ready and aware of the best beers to drink along with cold weather? Like during summer with that light and fresh beer after work, during winter it is also pleasant to have that [...]

how to avoid beer belly

How To Avoid Beer Belly

Beer belly is just a men's curse. Unlike some of you, the average man does not have the perfect genetics to drink as he wants and stay fit in the process, right? Regardless the drink you might choose, the problem is and will always be the beer. Why? Due to its excessive calories, the fact that it doesn't allow you to burn fat and the increase of the phytoestrogen content of your diet beer is the forbidden fruit in [...]


Does Beer Freeze?

Answering directly to this question, Yes! Beer can freeze. Unlike vodka, who does not freeze in a regular freezer, beer, due to its significant amount of water, has more chances to freeze in our home freezer. It would be great to put the beers in the freezer without additional concerns, but overnight, the beer is entirely icy. Why? Well, first water, alcohol and sugar combined increase the time needed to it to freeze. As the alcohol and sugar have a [...]

November 2018

Bright metal beer tap

5 Shocking Uses to Give to Your Beer

Every single one of us drinks, or at least, tried a beer once. Some of us liked it, others loved it, many hated it, and some just don't get the excitement out of it. That's fair. We don't need to be all the same, with the exact same common taste and drinking habits. However, beer has other benefits and advantages that are not related to its drinking components. For example, did you know that beer is perfect for trap [...]

Beer caps and glasses of beer on a pub background

9 Curiosities About Beer

Unlike you might think, beer is not a new drink. Not even was invented during the middle ages. Instead, the earliest evidence of beer making was found in western Iran, dating back to 3,500 BC. Known as the most drinkable drink in the entire world, beer is still a completely unknown world regarding several aspects. Did you know, for example, that in the U.S, tv channels are not allowed to show people drinking beer in the commercials. It’s actually regulated by the [...]

October 2018

Sports and Beer

Sports and Beer

Sports and beer have an old-time and deep connection through the years. In fact, and according to the statistics, 76% of soccer enthusiasts drink beer during live matches, and 74% drink beer keeping up the game through television. On the other hand, and aware of this fact, soccer teams get sponsored by alcoholic drinks, mostly beer, in incredibly high values. Just as an example, since 2012 Budweiser has invested over UK£1.3 million directly into English soccer. Many other cases [...]


What Is Lambic Beer

Known for being produced in the Pajottenland region of Belgium and in Brussels itself, lambic beer is a type of beer that doesn't look or taste like regular beer. Constituted by gueuze and kriek lambic beers, this type of drink has its own brewering secrets. Unlike regular beers which are exposed to the carefully selected yeast, lambic beers are fermented in contact with wild yeasts and bacteria belonging to the Zenne Valley, giving it a sour, dry, and cidery [...]

Fast food

The Perfect Food For The Right Type Of Beer

Now that you have read our article about beer types let's take it to another level: matching them to the right type of food. Food pairing! Knowing exactly what kind of meal goes well with your favorite type of beer is an everyday challenge. It takes a lot of experiments, some of them will work, and others will probably make you question "What the hell are you doing that?", But it is all for a good reason, trust us! As we [...]

Beer tap at restaurant,

Beer Terminology

Being a love beer and acting like one are two distinct things. Loving beer is a universal condition where every "patients" eager for that cold and fresh little sip at the end of the day. Moreover, loving beer is knowing how it works, how was it produced, its history, background, and most importantly, is to chose the right beer for the right occasion. Acting like a beer lover is different. Basically, you just need to drink. Therefore, to help you [...]

craft beer brewery

What Do I Need To Start a Brewery

Loving beer is more than getting drunk with a lower budget. If you are a beer lover, you know this incredible drink will be a long-time fellow for hard and happy times. Regardless of your personal favorite tastes, whether it is APA, Lager, Ale, Stout, or any other type of beer, there's something universal about beer lovers: finding the best beer to complement and fulfill their palate. Therefore, the number of breweries and homemade beer have increased over the [...]

6 Beer Benefits

It's been proved that alcohol, and especially beer, can help prevent certain health condition and develop a strengthened and healthier mind and body. For instance, the Pennsylvania State University made a study out of 80,000 adults and found that a beer or two a day could help reduce the risk of having a stroke. Let's start with this benefit.Reduces The Risk of Stroke: Focused on dark ales and stouts can effectively reduce potential heart attacks. Joe Vinson, a professor of chemistry [...]

What Does Your Favorite Beer Says About You?

There's a lot of things that reveal our personality. Music, clothes, hairstyle, food, and also the type of alcohol we usually drink. For example, whiskey lovers are known for their confidence. Gin fans are usually disconnected from the drinking trends. On a pub, they can be the only ones drinking gin in a beer warriors environment, but they won't trade it for anything. And for Jagermeister fans? With a careless attitude, the world is just a happy place. We are always [...]

Why We Drink With Co-workers?

Both men and women suffer from an after work disease. It is called "the after work drink." Regardless of the day of the week, every time you feel you're having a bad day at work your brain offers you pictures of you holding and drinking a pint at your favorite bar. Somehow, as you know in a few hours you'll be there fraternizing with your drinking peers, the work feels less extended, less stressful, and you get that feeling of [...]

5 Most Expensive Beers

Gone are the times where beer was connected with "cheap and baggy jeans" enthusiasts. Whether for its mainstream popularity, or easy and limitless physical supply, beer is the universal drink, common to every culture, produced by every country and raging different prices. Since a few years from now craft beers, the kings of beers, have attributed a new conception and a fancy connotation to what we once drunk as "the cheapest and Booz-based drink." Today, we can find a one [...]

How To Become a ‘Cicerone’? Or a Beer Expert

Whether you want to be a level 1 cicerone, level 2 cicerone, level 3 or a cicerone master, there's one thing you need to do first: taking an online test. Yes, it all starts with the internet. First, do you know what Cicerone is? It's basically a sommelier but for beer. Due to the wide range and enthusiasts beer as achieved over the years, proving that you know more than your peers is now many drinkers' goal. As [...]

September 2018

Why Aren’t Beer Bottles and Glasses Bigger?

Have you ever wondered why beers have such a small quantity? And why are the bottles so dark? Beer is considered the cheapest viable option for drinking lovers. Available everywhere with million choices prepared for our own tastes, getting the beer, in physical stores or buying beer online, the possibilities are so vast, that we sometimes buy the cheapest just because. Regardless of the beer, we choose, have you ever wondered why that favorite beer of yours doesn't have a [...]

The Strongest Beers

The craft beer environment is increasing at a high fast pace among beer lovers. Its origin, its type, its taste, or even its alcohol by volume (ABV). All of these characteristics can be the differentiator when we are trying to find the best beer for the perfect and proper moment. Therefore, focused on the AVB, we present you our most robust beers to help you filter and know a little bit more about our beers.   Saint Nitouche (9.5% abv): [...]

How to Convince Your Girlfriend to Start Drinking Beer

There's a problem with drinking beer. All the concept, the rumors, the image, and the vision that we all have when someone's says that is addicted to beer. Now, imagine that same vision in a girl's perspective. It's ten times worse. All the movies and public mentions to beer are usually connected with American Pie's Stifler, College parties, guys with huge bellies, bad breath, and a little bit of "who cares?" attitude. Except that, this conception is only for [...]

The Beer Code

'Bro' code, Girl's code, friend's code...everything that really matters has its own code. As you can expect, and based on this premise, beer also has its customized code. Followed by the classic 'Bro' code, the beer code only makes sense if shared among beer enthusiasts groups of friends. In this setlist, there's the do's and don'ts where the beer will actually save or help suppress hard times. Beer is not a medication, like a pill you need to take [...]

The Perfect Beer Pack To Be a Part of Belgium

Blondes, brunettes, red hairs, browns, sweets or "badass." No, we're not talking about your woman/men pattern, but we could! As beers, you can find the perfect choice for your taste, but it can be a challenge in such a variety and panoply of so many beers. The best breweries in the world are in Europe. Its longevity, tradition, production, and consistency. Europe, among other things, can produce the tastiest and finest beer ever made due to its natural resources, [...]

How to make craft beer

Craft beer, as we have explained here (link for the previous article) is the most natural and detailed process of making artisanal beer. Like any other beer, the ingredients are the same, but their quality and characteristics vary.  To become beer expertise, this is the first step to understand and be able to discuss millions and millions of choices among this "home-made" beer. Let's start to explain and describe the fourfold beer ingredients.  WaterThinking about beer doesn't ring [...]

Famous People who Invested in craft Beer

Beer is a universal drink. Not fancy, not trashy. Honestly, is the only drink that everybody, and we mean expertly everybody drinks! Regardless of the event, irrespective of your status or social environment, you can find beer for every single type of situation. From the common mortal to the Hollywood star and LA musician, craft beer is rising as well as homebrews beers. Therefore, we want to show you how tv starts, music hit owners and governmental actors can [...]

The Right Glass For The Right Beer

Drinking beer and knowing everything about beer is a process. Long gone are the times where we opened our mouths and drank one beer in one shot. Tasting, appreciate, discover, and discuss it is more than like the booze in it. It is indeed a lifestyle. That's why we prepared a list of glasses that will help you drink the proper beer. Imperial or Nonic glass:The most common beer glass in Europe. Usually, with 75cl, this glass is served in [...]

Ales or Lagers?

Choosing a beer is more than selecting the price, the beer or the color. Picking the perfect beer for our taste takes a little bit more of knowledge about our personal palate and beers' information. Ales or Lagers. Do you know exactly what these types of beers are? We help you! Known for "top-fermenting" yeast-based beer. Ales are generally darker than lagers. Full-bodied and robust, Ale is fermented using 'Saccharomyces cerevisia.' The same yeast used for wine and bread making. [...]

Great News!

By the time you are reading this, our app may already be on your usual app store. But for now, while I am writing this, its launch is being prepared. These are exciting times for all APPERITIVO customers, as the project continues to evolve and grow. So what can you do exactly in this app? The main objective for our app is to create a platform for the involved member of the APPERITIVO community. When you download the APPERITIVO app you do [...]

Always on the bathroom when beer binging?

Since I started to drink, legally, of course, I've been struggling with my bathroom trips. When I'm on a date, an important dinner with a client, watching sports with my mates...honestly everywhere. Whenever I drink, I just need to go to the bathroom. Although it is a physiological need, sometimes it would be incredible if I only could control my body over my drinks. So, I started to search and gather vital information to be able to drink, have [...]

Beer and Craft Beer. What’s the Difference?

Beer and craft beer are two distinct things. The final product is the same. Beer. But its process is a little bit different. Beer stands for: An alcoholic drink made from yeast-fermented malt flavored with hops. Craft Beer means: beer made using traditional methods in small, independent breweries. Like in any field, we have the same product made out of different tools and resources. Food, for example, is the best similar situation we can explore. When buying stakes or any other [...]

Next European Beer Festivals

One month from now, we'll be precisely at the beginning of the classic, and old-time legendary beer festival: Oktober Fest! However, there's a lot to visit and explore among beer festivals during September. So, let's not rush things over here! In the first week of September, between the 7th and 9th September 2018, Brussels will receive the Belgian Beer Weekend. I'm not saying Belgian beers are better than German. There's plenty of space for both of them. They are the [...]

August 2018

When your first beer’s approach is delicious

Remember when you first tried beer? You were probably a teenager, you wanted to make sure you were cool and the most you drank the cooler you were. The first cans you snuck out of the fridge and drank like it was water tasted awful. You've experienced the hoppy and bitter taste of them, and suddenly, after thousands of cans, you started to like it. Therefore, it was something you achieved by attempts, not a "love at first taste" event. Today [...]

April 2018

5 Reasons to Buy Beer Online

The world we live in is becoming smaller every day. You no longer need to leave your chair to buy virtually, anything. Technology has evolved enough to make your life easier in many ways. What was a complicated task before is now a few clicks away from being solved. In fact, in 2018 e-commerce market value will reach the 2,86 Trillion Dollars mark. Yes, Trillion. It is one of the fastest growing markets expected to nearly double these figures [...]

March 2018

10 Great European Beer Blogs

10 Great European Beer Blogs There is a secular passion that is common among men… I am talking about beer of course. Beer doesn’t know language barriers - it is, in fact, a facilitator of non-native communication. A study included 50 native German speakers who were studying at Maastricht University, located in the Netherlands near the border with Germany. Overall, the native Dutch speakers rated people in the alcohol group as having better fluency — individually better pronunciation — than those [...]

APPERITIVO Magazine – Beer Is Love, Beer Is Life.

The idea of creating a magazine came from the passion we feel about beer and all the elements around it. We wanted to know more about the beer industry and how it all works in the backstage. "Beer is love, beer is life." This is our magazine’s slogan - more then a job, the beer culture means to the apperitivo staff a lifestyle. It’s not uncommon to run into conversations (sometimes discussions) about beers, their differences, their origins, etc. in the [...]

February 2018

Master Brewers Vol.1

Introducing the new Master Brewers series: From Friday the 16th February 2018 on we are proudly launching our Master Brewers magazine series. Go backstage with apperitivo and get insightful information on how the beer industry works and who is doing an out.standing job in the area Every week we will feature a different brewery with an interview with the founder(s). Always with a market approach, giving you privileged information. If you are a subscriber of the apperitivo newsletter, the magazine will be [...]

The Man Behind Saint Valentine’s Day

We all enjoy celebrating Saint Valentines Day. Chocolate, roses, champagne and a lot of Al Green (if done correctly at least). It’s a day to share with our most significant other. A day to give thanks to the people that makes our days a little better, no matter how bad they were. And even though it is an excellent concept, most people don’t know the story behind the holiday. St. Valentine was a priest "He was a Roman Priest at a [...]


Super Bowl’s 2018 Beer Advertisment

Not everyone knows american football, and many who know what it is don't quiet grasp the rules. In America is a completely different story, the whole of U.S.A stops to see the big Superbowl final. What do we have all have in common? That's right, commercials, amazingly created content for the halftimes. Being beer lovers, we need to share the most amazing beer commercials from the 2018 Superbowl. Budweiser, Stand by you. Bud Light, the bud knight Michelob Ultra, the perfect fit. The next two, although [...]

beer ad

7 Brilliant Beer Ads

Advertisement can be a pain. It can interrupt your favourite tv show, it can pursuit you all trough out Facebook and be relentless, but there are many examples that for many reasons are iconic and you are even glad to share it with others. Today we will take a look at some of the most iconic beer ads ever, some are quiet old, some are very recent, all are very good. 1 – Heineken, Christmas 2017. Staring Benicio Del Toro, Heineken as [...]

January 2018

6 Things you probably didn’t know about beer.

When the subject is beer, there are obvious things that come to mind. We know it’s brewed, it’s mainly delicious in the summer if cold, and that if you drink too many of them, you may wake up with a slight headache on the morning after. There are however some facts that are less obvious, here is 6: 1 – There is one beer that is made with meteorites. Yes, that’s right, meteorites. At Dogfish head brewery in Dallas, USA, there is a [...]

apperitivo beer trends 2018

Beer Trends for 2018

This last year was an excellent year for the beer lover. It's hard to image someone that doesn’t enjoy a dripping glass of a very lively Super Bock ( Portuguese beer ) on a scorching summer day. Or a glass of Curtius C on a rainy winter day. Personally, I wouldn’t be the same without a great beer in the perfect time. Like me, many others are joining the beer trend. Beer, especially craft beer, is achieving never seen [...]

apperitivo brew your own beer

Brew your own beer!

As you probably know by now, American beer brew culture is the fastest growing culture that exists at the moment, moving from big beer brands people are enjoying small craft beers, and they are even making it in their own homes. When it comes to beer brewing, you have endless possibilities, and this is what is making people so interested in crafting their beers. All the process that, hopefully, you will know by the end of this text, can have [...]