April 2018

5 Reasons to Buy Beer Online

The world we live in is becoming smaller every day. You no longer need to leave your chair to buy virtually, anything. Technology has evolved enough to make your life easier in many ways. What was a complicated task before is now a few clicks away from being solved. In fact, in 2018 e-commerce market value will reach the 2,86 Trillion Dollars mark. Yes, Trillion. It is one of the fastest growing markets expected to nearly double these figures [...]

March 2018

10 Great European Beer Blogs

10 Great European Beer Blogs There is a secular passion that is common among men… I am talking about beer of course. Beer doesn’t know language barriers – it is, in fact, a facilitator of non-native communication. A study included 50 native German speakers who were studying at Maastricht University, located in the Netherlands near the border with Germany. Overall, the native Dutch speakers rated people in the alcohol group as having better fluency — individually better pronunciation — than those [...]

APPERITIVO Magazine – Beer Is Love, Beer Is Life.

The idea of creating a magazine came from the passion we feel about beer and all the elements around it. We wanted to know more about the beer industry and how it all works in the backstage. “Beer is love, beer is life.” This is our magazine’s slogan – more then a job, the beer culture means to the apperitivo staff a lifestyle. It’s not uncommon to run into conversations (sometimes discussions) about beers, their differences, their origins, etc. in the [...]

February 2018

Master Brewers Vol.1

Introducing the new Master Brewers series: From Friday the 16th February 2018 on we are proudly launching our Master Brewers magazine series. Go backstage with apperitivo and get insightful information on how the beer industry works and who is doing an out.standing job in the area Every week we will feature a different brewery with an interview with the founder(s). Always with a market approach, giving you privileged information. If you are a subscriber of the apperitivo newsletter, the magazine will be [...]

The Man Behind Saint Valentine’s Day

We all enjoy celebrating Saint Valentines Day. Chocolate, roses, champagne and a lot of Al Green (if done correctly at least). It’s a day to share with our most significant other. A day to give thanks to the people that makes our days a little better, no matter how bad they were. And even though it is an excellent concept, most people don’t know the story behind the holiday. St. Valentine was a priest “He was a Roman Priest at a [...]


Super Bowl’s 2018 Beer Advertisment

Not everyone knows american football, and many who know what it is don’t quiet grasp the rules. In America is a completely different story, the whole of U.S.A stops to see the big Superbowl final. What do we have all have in common? That’s right, commercials, amazingly created content for the halftimes. Being beer lovers, we need to share the most amazing beer commercials from the 2018 Superbowl. Budweiser, Stand by you.Bud Light, the bud knightMichelob Ultra, the perfect fit.The next two, although [...]

beer ad

7 Brilliant Beer Ads

Advertisement can be a pain. It can interrupt your favourite tv show, it can pursuit you all trough out Facebook and be relentless, but there are many examples that for many reasons are iconic and you are even glad to share it with others. Today we will take a look at some of the most iconic beer ads ever, some are quiet old, some are very recent, all are very good. 1 – Heineken, Christmas 2017. Staring Benicio Del Toro, Heineken as [...]

January 2018

6 Things you probably didn’t know about beer.

When the subject is beer, there are obvious things that come to mind. We know it’s brewed, it’s mainly delicious in the summer if cold, and that if you drink too many of them, you may wake up with a slight headache on the morning after. There are however some facts that are less obvious, here is 6: 1 – There is one beer that is made with meteorites. Yes, that’s right, meteorites. At Dogfish head brewery in Dallas, USA, there is a [...]


Beer Trends for 2018

This last year was an excellent year for the beer lover. It’s hard to image someone that doesn’t enjoy a dripping glass of a very lively Super Bock ( Portuguese beer ) on a scorching summer day. Or a glass of Curtius C on a rainy winter day. Personally, I wouldn’t be the same without a great beer in the perfect time. Like me, many others are joining the beer trend. Beer, especially craft beer, is achieving never seen [...]

Brew your own beer!

As you probably know by now, American beer brew culture is the fastest growing culture that exists at the moment, moving from big beer brands people are enjoying small craft beers, and they are even making it in their own homes. When it comes to beer brewing, you have endless possibilities, and this is what is making people so interested in crafting their beers. All the process that, hopefully, you will know by the end of this text, can have [...]