How To Avoid Beer Belly

how to avoid beer belly

How To Avoid Beer Belly

Beer belly is just a men’s curse. Unlike some of you, the average man does not have the perfect genetics to drink as he wants and stay fit in the process, right?

Regardless the drink you might choose, the problem is and will always be the beer. Why?

Due to its excessive calories, the fact that it doesn’t allow you to burn fat and the increase of the phytoestrogen content of your diet beer is the forbidden fruit in men’s lives. We are always drinking it. After work, at lunch, during dinner, at night, on the weekends, at a party, in an event… I mean, everywhere!

Aware of this fact, we tried to combine a few tips to help you fight and prevent the “Obelix” syndrome.


Eat protein rather than fat

The problem with drinking beer and other types of drinks is directly connected with the number of calories that our diet and the drinking intake combined have.

Our body is prepared to expel the alcohol we consume. Is just a fact.

But to take advantage of this without gaining weight, we should choose meat rather than fat. The reason is simple.

Regardless of the type of drink we want, before drinking it on that Saturday night, we have to consider this.

The meals we have before the drinking process are the main reason we store fat in our body. Therefore, if we choose fat, our body will save it as adipose tissue. If we eat meat and others healthy protein, our body will use it as energy fuel to burn calories.

Also, the protein will keep you fuller for longer helping you not overeat in the presence of those virtual calories drinking has.


Drink Water before and after drinking

We know, we know! Your first argument as soon as you read this was “well if I’m always in the bathroom for drinking beer, with water I might have a party there!”

Ok, you’re not wrong because drinking water actually boosts your metabolism, but you should decide if you really prefer to have a beer belly or just have more visits to the bathroom. It’s your call.

Drinking water helps you eliminate that extra fat from the body easier. Not just for drinking, but with everything.

Water is and should be your best friend, especially among those crazy nights. It will reduce hangovers, and obviously will help you find a balance between your alcohol intake and your body response.


Choose a higher alcohol-to-calorie ratio drink

Dry drinks, such as whiskey or red wine are perfect to have fun and stay fit. On the other hand, sugary based drinks like cocktails, and juicy vodkas will not help your waistband.

To help you with choosing the best and lower calories’ drinks, here’s a list to follow. Remember, those rated with B- and higher will help you fight that extra fat.

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