5 Shocking Uses to Give to Your Beer

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5 Shocking Uses to Give to Your Beer

Every single one of us drinks, or at least, tried a beer once. Some of us liked it, others loved it, many hated it, and some just don’t get the excitement out of it. That’s fair. We don’t need to be all the same, with the exact same common taste and drinking habits.

However, beer has other benefits and advantages that are not related to its drinking components. For example, did you know that beer is perfect for trap fruit flies? Or mice! Not to mention its incredible and tasteful properties to roast chicken or to make bread.  

Stop the Slugs and Snails

Slugs and snails are not specifically attracted by alcohol, but the yeast, which beer contains. As they are attracted by it, the easiest thing to do is to put in your garden or near the area you want to cover, a small bowl with beer. Not full to the top, but slightly to the middle. They won’t die for drinking it. They would lose senses by falling in the bowl and drowning. The slug beer traps only work over a short distance. Therefore if you’re in the middle of an epidemy of slugs and snails, just don’t try this. Is a waste of time and, of course, beer!

Stop Snoring

Although you might think you are like ‘The Princess and the Pea,’ this actually works. Try to find a pocket T-shirt to sleep. In the pocket, you’ll put a mini beer can. We know it’s not easy but if you close it successfully, like through a safety pin, you won’t role during the night. According to the studies and research, people are more likely to snore when resting in their backs. Therefore, as you’ll have the beer can, like the Princess has her pea, you’ll feel uncomfortable and will be forced to sleep on your sides.    

Polish Pots

Have you tried to clean coins with Coca-cola? Ok, here beer has the same effect with pots. In the past, breweries used beer to clean all the equipment. Due to its subtle acidity, beer can polish the pots without staining the metal as a higher-acidity liquid would.

Several breweries are keeping this tradition alive as ‘Idaho Brewing Company.’

Help with Kidney Stone

Usually drinking a lot of water can help to fight this painful thing which is kidney stones. As beer is considered a diuretic drink, helping clean the kidneys and bladder, it can also be used to the same goal. Larry L. Alexander, M.D., medical director of Central Florida Regional Hospital’s emergency department. ” It helps dilate the ureters [the tubes connecting the kidneys and bladder], which may help you pass a stone quicker and easier. Plus, the alcohol will take the edge off the pain. “

Good for your hair

For a shiny and loose hair vinegar is the most known natural recipe to achieve an incredible smooth hair texture. Drinking beer can help a lot on giving to your hair that softens look. However, and if you’re willing to try a different approach, dropping a whole beer can in your hair after your shampoo, like if it was hair conditioner. Remember, it has to be flat beer. After, just massage your hair with beer for one minute.

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