9 Curiosities About Beer

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9 Curiosities About Beer

Unlike you might think, beer is not a new drink. Not even was invented during the middle ages.

Instead, the earliest evidence of beer making was found in western Iran, dating back to 3,500 BC. Known as the most drinkable drink in the entire world, beer is still a completely unknown world regarding several aspects.

Did you know, for example, that in the U.S, tv channels are not allowed to show people drinking beer in the commercials.

It’s actually regulated by the law! Or that the first professional brewers were all women?

Here’s a list of 9 curiosities about our loved one: THE BEER!

  1. Westvleteren XII, one of the most Belgian beers, is considered the best beer in the world. It is a 10.2 percent ABV (alcohol by volume) Trappist beer that has been in production since 1940. Made by monks, the beer is not commercialized in regular standards. To get one sample of this beer you need to go directly to the monastery.
  2. The Czech Republic is the country consuming more beer per capita and china is the one consuming beer, overall.
  3. A government-funded organization in Amsterdam, the Rainbow Group, hires alcoholics to clean litter from city streets and pays them with beer.
  4. The largest brewery in the world is Anheuser-Busch InBev., a Belgian brewery, maker of such popular beers as Budweiser and Corona.
  5. In Austria, you can go for a swimm in a pool of beer at the Schloss Starkenberger brewer. The sudsy bath is said to promote healthy skin.
  6. When Danish physicist Niels Bohr won the Nobel Prize, the Carlsberg brewing company gave him a house with a pipeline to the brewery and free beer for life.
  7. Beer is the third-most popular drink on Earth, after water and tea.
  8. In 2017, the average U.S. citizen over 21 consumed 26.9 gallons of beer. However, the United States doesn’t even make the top 10 in terms of overall beer drinking.
  9. The oldest known written recipe is for beer.

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