What Is Lambic Beer


What Is Lambic Beer

Known for being produced in the Pajottenland region of Belgium and in Brussels itself, lambic beer is a type of beer that doesn’t look or taste like regular beer. Constituted by gueuze and kriek lambic beers, this type of drink has its own brewering secrets. Unlike regular beers which are exposed to the carefully selected yeast, lambic beers are fermented in contact with wild yeasts and bacteria belonging to the Zenne Valley, giving it a sour, dry, and cidery flavor.

Surprisingly different, its taste is close to sider as its brewing process is more similar to winemaking than brewing. Lambic beer is the oldest type of beer in the western world and science free brewing method in the beer world. Without any digital or artificial resources, Lambic beer is THE craft beer of the craft beers. As it is the primary goal is to stay as natural as it can, lambic beers from a specific brand should always be produced in the same building and facilities. Why? Because its taste and fermentation process is made out of natural bacterias from the air and the present infrastructure.

Unlike regular brewing processes with a big control over contaminated environments and strictly clean and science-driven tools, lambic brewing embraces all the natural resources, temperatures and even contaminated places to give these beers the incredible bitter-sour palate.

The brewing process is simple. Lambic breweries today don’t get much involved in the process of controlling the yeast. Instead, breweries let the yeast on their own and in its natural behavior. Therefore, the process is quite relaxed and perfect for carefree people. As soon as the wort is ready, the only thing needed is to let it be under natural conditions, and add wild yeast and wood, further. The wort is there turn into a big bowl, in the top of the brewery, promoting the contact with the environment directly. The vessel contains several open vents to let the mix cool.

After ambient airborne inoculation, the wort is transferred into chestnut barrels waiting for microorganisms do their magic.

The liquid stay stored for many years into the barrels while the lambic brewer reassures that the environment and natural conditions stay the same.


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