The Perfect Food For The Right Type Of Beer

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The Perfect Food For The Right Type Of Beer

Now that you have read our article about beer types let’s take it to another level: matching them to the right type of food. Food pairing!

Knowing exactly what kind of meal goes well with your favorite type of beer is an everyday challenge. It takes a lot of experiments, some of them will work, and others will probably make you question “What the hell are you doing that?”, But it is all for a good reason, trust us! As we are aware of this fact, we want to make sure that, at least, those unfortunate experiments are not so aggressive as they can usually be.


Light Lagers: As the common and most drink beer worldwide, the light lagers are known by their soft color, cooling taste, and summer vibes as a replacement for water. Spicy food, burgers, or salads, for example, are a great option to keep the fresh taste in our mouth without an impactful and robust contrast. It is a relaxed and subtle paring. Also, as it is almost a tasteless and bitterness beer, it would cut the spiciness out of that hot curry.


Wheat Beers: Unlike light lagers, the beer made out of wheat and barley grains have a smother and a little bit thicker texture. As it is also quite tasteless, some of the brewers add citrus or fruity flavorings. Consequently, it’s the perfect match with Spicy food and fruity desserts and pastries.


IPA: The most hyped beer in the craft beer scenario today is a bitterness and dense India Pale Ale. To overcome some of that bitterness, this beer goes perfectly well with seasoning food and rich and meaty flavor. Steak, barbecue, and Mexican food, for example, are perfect options to try and experience our suggestion.


Amber Ales: With a strong malt flavor, and some notes of caramel, amber ales have that dry and crisp finish, perfect for cleaning our palate. Try with Pizza, fried food or smoked pork.


Dark Ales: One of the most dranked beers in Europe, the dark lagers are the “meant to be” combination between typical European cuisine (German sausages, for example) with its nutty flavor. Also, Pizza, burgers and hearty stews are also good choices to taste this incredible combination.


Brown Ales: Its taste is not that bitter or hoppy as the other kinds of ales. Instead, they have a coffee or chocolate hints associated perfect with barbecues, pork and also sausages. Sushi or fish is also an option to add a little bit of excitement to this bitter and hoppiness type of beer.


Porters: Having loose its strength over the years, porters are a synonym of roasted and toasty aromas. With notes of chocolate, caramel, and coffee, for example, porters are perfect to match seafood (lobster and crab legs), coffee-flavored desserts and game meats.


Stouts: Similar to porters, stouts seafood is always a good option to evidence the roasted flavors within the beer. Also, chocolate and coffee based desserts will get along perfectly with stouts low alcohol and sometimes choc

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