What Do I Need To Start a Brewery

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What Do I Need To Start a Brewery

Loving beer is more than getting drunk with a lower budget. If you are a beer lover, you know this incredible drink will be a long-time fellow for hard and happy times. Regardless of your personal favorite tastes, whether it is APA, Lager, Ale, Stout, or any other type of beer, there’s something universal about beer lovers: finding the best beer to complement and fulfill their palate. Therefore, the number of breweries and homemade beer have increased over the years. Seeking and craving for the best beer, with the highest quality possible, a significant amount of alcohol, a reasonable price, and a great beer culture. The challenge is to know precisely the first step to take, gathering all the tools and conditions to be successful.

According to the Brewers of Europe statistics, in 2016 there were 224 active breweries in Belgium alone. Germany had 1,408, and the United Kingdom presented the highest number of beer entrepreneurial institutions with 2,250. Overall, Europe gathered 9,381 active breweries in its territory. In 2017, The United States of America detained 6,372 breweries, a 15.5 percent increase from the year before, according to Statista, and the number is undeniably increasing.

However, what exactly do you need to start a microbrewery?

Unlike you might think, producing your own beer might be a little bit more expensive than you can actually spend.


  1. Time and Capital

Starting a brewery is not easy, at first glance. Making your own beer is actually a business. So, you should be completely available, committed and prepared for all the consequences and mishaps along the way. Before we proceed, if it is just a hobby maybe you should try homemade beer first. The time needed is less invasive than starting your own business, and the equipment budget is obviously lower than renting a building for the production. However, if it is something you need to do, keep in mind that your budget should not be smaller than 100.000 euros, initially.

Right after saving money for the equipment, don’t forget that beer is an alcoholic drink which means that if you are thinking about selling worldwide or just locally, there are several rules you should respect. Legally speaking, all the permissions, licenses and insurance policies should be reviewed by a lawyer. A trustworthy lawyer. So keep in mind that a larger slice of your saved money will go directly for third-party agents.


  1. The Strategy

A microbrewery or Craft Beer brewery?

After you evaluate your finances with all the costs associated, you can choose between starting as a microbrewery or a craft beer brewery. The difference is based on the size of the production, and consequently, the amount of money needed. For less than 100.000 euros you can find and buy all the equipment necessary to start a microbrewery. Furthermore, there are associations, such as Brewer’s Association, that can help you, temporarily, with the space for your beer’s production. Also, the taxes you’ll pay for a lower stock will be even smaller, than a standard brewery.

On the other hand, starting a normal brewery startup could uprise your expenses up to one million euros. Renting a building, adapt it if needed, have the license to start producing, and obviously hire some helpers. If you’re sure you have the market, the capital, the time, and the right help, just go for it!


  1. The equipment

Beer is actually a simple drink to take. It is cheap, fresh, and goes well with almost every food. However, in order to produce the best beer you can, you should invest in excellent or well-preserved equipment. Whether it is new or used, the material should be chosen carefully to help you control temperature, save and store the solutions, and provide a useful and consistent fermentation, for example. Therefore, here’s a list of tool you should initially invest in Boiling Pot, Bottles, Bottle Capper, Bottle Caps, Bottle Brush, Fermenter, Pyrex(TM) Measuring Cup, Siphon, Racking Cane, Bottle Filler, Stirring Paddle, and a Thermometer.

If you were never good at chemistry or doing maths, this is the perfect time for you to learn and study about it.


Regardless of your goal, all the decisions should be made concerning all the aspects we’ve been discussing in this article. Depending on your money, your time, and your goal, starting a brewery is expensive, but its outcomes can be outstanding.

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