What Does Your Favorite Beer Says About You?

What Does Your Favorite Beer Says About You?

There’s a lot of things that reveal our personality. Music, clothes, hairstyle, food, and also the type of alcohol we usually drink.

For example, whiskey lovers are known for their confidence. Gin fans are usually disconnected from the drinking trends. On a pub, they can be the only ones drinking gin in a beer warriors environment, but they won’t trade it for anything. And for Jagermeister fans? With a careless attitude, the world is just a happy place.

We are always evaluated by the way we eat, talk, dress, dance, seat, and drink. For a date, an important meeting, doctor’s appointments, going to the bank, church, or any other event that is entirely different from our daily basis routine, we know how to dress and behave appropriately. At least we try.

In social meetings, like with our friends, or on a date, selecting the restaurant, ordering the right food and make the perfect pairing with the proper drink can be a challenge. Furthermore, everything we own defines our personality.

Regarding beers, our character can match better with ones than with others.

  1. Budweiser: The number one North American beer is the manliest, and the most patriotic beer out there. According to several studies, people who drink Budweiser drinkers are 42 percent more likely to drive a truck than any other brand drinkers. They are genuinely faithful to the brand and can deal with every hard situation successfully.


  1. Heineken: The green bottle dutch beer is very often associated with a hipster attitude. Name-brand clothes, the newest iPhone, and a sports car. According to Matt Simpson, owner of beer consulting company ‘The Beer Sommelier,’ “This is the person whose perception is that export beers in green bottles are ‘classy.'” Also, “classy” is the word Heineken fans use the most, ironically.


  1. Stout: Stouts are the sophisticated and flavor lovers’ beer. Usually creative and adventurous, stouts fans are health-conscious, and they love the taste of dark beers. If you think stout enthusiast will make a drinking marathon with his friends, just forget it. These guys appreciate their time tasking and talking about what they are feeling in their palate, rather than wasting time with silly contests. We can also find him with a pack of cigarettes and a good book.


  1. Sours: These are the “know it all” beer guys. Known for their culture and experience-based knowledge, sour lovers know exactly what they like and what they don’t. According to Simpson “Sour beers are cheesy, funky, tart, and all manner of odd in their complexity.”


  1. Corona: “These are men who are doing okay for themselves, working middle management jobs, and fancy themselves laid back,” Simpson says. They’re eccentric, wild and don’t like to play by the rules.


  1. IPA: Whether they lake the taste or just trying to like it, IPA drinkers hardly want to seem sophisticated. Sometimes a little bit pretentious, IPA lovers always try to be ahead on trends and are really passionate about things they’re involved with.


  1. Pilsner: Beer Pong Game and the most classic and comfortable choice. This is what pilsner drinkers are up to. They don’t need different flavors, new experiences or food pairing, they just need their group of friends, a challenge and they will drink until they can.

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