Why We Drink With Co-workers?

Why We Drink With Co-workers?

Both men and women suffer from an after work disease. It is called “the after work drink.”

Regardless of the day of the week, every time you feel you’re having a bad day at work your brain offers you pictures of you holding and drinking a pint at your favorite bar. Somehow, as you know in a few hours you’ll be there fraternizing with your drinking peers, the work feels less extended, less stressful, and you get that feeling of relaxation and internal peace, while your office looks like the New York Stock Exchange with all the yelling for the tight deadlines.

There are four types of people with different “after work” practices. The ones who as soon as they leave the office, work-related subjects are entirely over. They just have the perfect balance between life and work; The ones who don’t leave the office until their bosses do. The usual and typical brown-nosing who have nothing to do at the office but it looks good to be there; The ordinary worker, always complaining about the amount of work, his co-workers, and especially his boss, but never leaves the company; and then the guy who loves his job so much that he wants that everybody shares his commitment. Basically the boss or any managerial actor.

Therefore, these four types of workers do their “drink after work” for different reasons. The first one usually drinks but not with his colleagues. He prefers to hang out with his friends rather than having an almost 24 hours marathon in a “working” context. The second is probably the first one giving the idea of spending some time with his co-workers after work, especially his superiors.

The “complaining agents” will try to find partners for their fight against the system. And ultimately, the control freak manager, the cool manager, or any manager would probably stay at the office drinking alone while finishing the work they love so much. There are exceptions, but this is a generalization of today’s after-work-drink scenario.

Despite our motivations and reasons to drink after work, there’s one particular priceless moment: when you leave your office, thinking about the amount of work you had that day, the bad outcomes, the ugly fight, or just your willingness to leave the company, as soon as the bubbly, cold, and fresh soft booze, usually yellow “water”, drowns into your mouth… everything worths for.

The beer has an advantage regarding other alcoholic drinks. Known as a soft and common light drink, beer is usually taken not as water, but also not as whiskey. It’s in between what can be easily drunk and bought, with the right amount of alcohol playing softly with our brain. The ethanol beer releases to play some tricks in our mind is sometimes what keeps us sain through our work weeks. So, why we drink after work?

There are many reasons people drink after work. The most common ones are to forget, to relax, or just have the perfect “closure” moment of the day. However, when you hang out with your team there’s a lot of reasons you want to gather. Let’s see the most usual ones.


  1. To bond with the team: Ok, bonding is essential. Sharing personal tastes, laughing about an awkward situation that happened that day at work, or just talking bad about your boss. Knowing the persons you are working with is essential to understand their reactions, their opinions, and personal tastes. Also, next time you argue you can always offer them their favorite beer to make a truce. By the way, check here if it’s any of these (apperitivo shop)


  1. To ask for something: Asking for something is not easy. Especially in working environments. Whether it is a raise, a day off, extra hours, extra work…anything. It can be intimating. The truth is, everything feels and seems better holding a beer. Oh! and the cool attitude, of course.


  1. To find partners in crime: Some workers need the perfect partner in crime. Whether it is to talk bad about the boss, to share cigarettes, to drink the same beers or to cheer for the same football team.


  1. Just to drink. And that’s it. Regardless of who is going, they just want to drink.


Whether you drink with your team, alone, or with friends, next time you get out of your job, remember that your perfect moment, grabbing that fresh beer, is being shared by millions of people around the world. You’re not alone in this, and you don’t have a drinking problem!

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