How To Become a ‘Cicerone’? Or a Beer Expert

How To Become a ‘Cicerone’? Or a Beer Expert

Whether you want to be a level 1 cicerone, level 2 cicerone, level 3 or a cicerone master, there’s one thing you need to do first: taking an online test. Yes, it all starts with the internet.

First, do you know what Cicerone is? It’s basically a sommelier but for beer. Due to the wide range and enthusiasts beer as achieved over the years, proving that you know more than your peers is now many drinkers’ goal.

As you can check and read on, the certification is for “Those who pursue a career in beer learn from many different sources and soon accumulate knowledge that sets them apart from those on the “customer” side of the bar. But without certification, it is hard to tell what people really know simply by looking at a resume or business card.”

Between $395 (USD) for the first-time exam; $100 (USD) for retake tasting; and $175 (USD) for retake written, the candidates will be evaluated in four distinct categories Keeping and Serving Beer Beer Styles, Beer Flavor and Evaluation, Beer Ingredients and Brewing Processes, and Pairing Beer with Food.

The ideal candidate is a bartender, a restaurant manager, or any other food and beverages professional who wants to upgrade and level up his knowledge for a proper and customized service to the clients. However, there are no restrictions for those who just want to have the certification to grab about themselves among friends. The only condition is to be over 18 years old.

Unfortunately, the industry is not recognizing the cicerone certification like, for example, an enologist. According to my research, there are only 16 cicerone masters in the world and 94,880 Certified Beer Servers. This incredibly distant proportion is related to the discredit beer industry continues to have among professionals. On the other hand, the craft beer industry is starting to change the way people see and understand the beer environment.

The old dated image of drinking beer and burp in the most inappropriate places is not exactly a synonym of a beer lover. Being a beer lover is knowing the beer. Is recognizing its ingredients by the smell as you open the bottle, is to identify the right glass to improve the drinking experience, is to select the proper meal to match the flavors, is to understand its evolution and its to feel its sensations. Being a beer lover is much more than be wasted or drunk. That’s just collateral damage.

Let’s make a part of this change. Start your journey here.

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