Why Aren’t Beer Bottles and Glasses Bigger?

Why Aren’t Beer Bottles and Glasses Bigger?

Have you ever wondered why beers have such a small quantity? And why are the bottles so dark?

Beer is considered the cheapest viable option for drinking lovers. Available everywhere with million choices prepared for our own tastes, getting the beer, in physical stores or buying beer online, the possibilities are so vast, that we sometimes buy the cheapest just because. Regardless of the beer, we choose, have you ever wondered why that favorite beer of yours doesn’t have a larger version and consequently a lower price? There’s a reason why beers are usually so small.


  1. Keeping in fresh

The main reason beers are served in small bottles is because the taste, properties and bubbling effect should be preserved as soon as it is opened. Among other factors, beer can present different sizes. Between America and Europe, for example, there are significant differences. With bottles between 33 and 37cl and 22 to 75cl, respectively, have proper justification.

Every bottle or can contains the right amount of beer not to lose its properties while you are enjoying and bonding with your friends. Larger quantities will make, after just a while, lose its components, turning into a warm and blend mental-based taste beer.   


  1. Serving beer in a regular glass will make it lose its characteristics

Every Jack has his Jill. So does beer. For every beer, there’s a proper drinking glass that will help it stay fresh, consistent and flavored. See here

Just as an example, the bulb on Weizen glasses “Captures the exorbitant amount of foam typical of certain styles, and aids in concentrating delicate aromas when lifted to the nose.”


  1. Transportation

As many beers are imported or exported, the right size will help it maintain its properties to the end-consumer. With smaller bottles and lower beer quantity, the margins will increase, and consequently the profit.


  1. Temperature

Storing the beer at right temperatures is always a challenge. With smaller bottles, it’s easy to control the served temperature without conflicting with the transportation temperature, for example. Therefore, when you order a beer stored and saved at the right temperature, after being transported, the beer tastes like it was produced right over the corner.


  1. Alcohol strength

As higher the amount of alcohol in a beer is, smaller is its glass. Therefore, every time you see a tiny glass for beer remember this practice. The guy will be tripping before you.

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