How to Convince Your Girlfriend to Start Drinking Beer

How to Convince Your Girlfriend to Start Drinking Beer

There’s a problem with drinking beer. All the concept, the rumors, the image, and the vision that we all have when someone’s says that is addicted to beer. Now, imagine that same vision in a girl’s perspective. It’s ten times worse.

All the movies and public mentions to beer are usually connected with American Pie’s Stifler, College parties, guys with huge bellies, bad breath, and a little bit of “who cares?” attitude. Except that, this conception is only for regular, supermarket beers, without too many histories into it. That’s why your girlfriend thinks (probably) that a bunch of guys gathered in a bar drinking beer and eating peanuts, it’s not the most attractive thing, and consequently, drink to be in the first place of drinking status board.

First, you need to show her a new conception of drinking beer. It’s not to be drunk. It is, in fact, a friend’s drink and it doesn’t make sense to be on a bar or even at home drinking glasses of water, right?


Craft Beer

Another critical and flawless way of making her sympathetic with beer is setting up a lot of dates in places where craft beer is the queen. Showing her that you have to drink gently to appreciate all the flavors and aromas within the beer will automatically distract her from the primary purpose, which is drinking the beer. Making her feel like she’s in a wine tasting, and don’t push her too hard. You want to invite her to your world, not exactly for her to win the next beer context.

Schedule a visit to the nearest or more hyped brewery. It is always cool to add a cultural and intellectual aspect when it comes to drinking. Like wine tasting, for example, but for beers.


Food Pairing

Make her dinner, or to pay to someone to make her favorite dish, and match it with the perfect beer. Go to a beer expert, and ask him the best combinations. You can even find that information online (here). Whatever you decide, remember that being thoughtful and setting all thing up will let her relaxed and into everything you’ll ask her to try.


Drinking With Her Girlfriends

This is one for the team. You have to. You need to. It will be like girls’ night out but with you in the middle. But, hey! It’s for a good cause! Just talk to your girlfriend and tell her that she and her friends would really love this vintage bar with the most imported craft beers.  


Find Proves That Beer Doesn’t Get You Fat

This type is essential. Making sure that she knows beer doesn’t get anyone fat. We’re not saying to compile a file of technical information about beer calories. Just be subtle, and ask her something like “do you know that beer is one of the drinks with lower calories?” If she asks “Why should I know? Are you calling me fat?” You’ll stay calm, drink one sip, and tell her “No, are you crazy? It’s for me. I think I have to lose 10 pounds.” Then go to the toilet and wipe your forehead sweat.


Also, you should never approach this topic unless she asks!

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