The Beer Code

The Beer Code

‘Bro’ code, Girl’s code, friend’s code…everything that really matters has its own code. As you can expect, and based on this premise, beer also has its customized code. Followed by the classic ‘Bro’ code, the beer code only makes sense if shared among beer enthusiasts groups of friends.

In this setlist, there’s the do’s and don’ts where the beer will actually save or help suppress hard times.

Beer is not a medication, like a pill you need to take when you have a headache. To follow and be a part of the beer code it is vital to like beer. Therefore, the first rule is:


1. The Beer Code is only applied among beer lovers.

It might seem obvious, but sometimes we (beer lovers) want the people around us to be a beer enthusiast. So you might look like a “faith spreader,” or a spammer. It’s not cool.

Like ‘Bro Code’ is applied among friends, the beer code is only valid when applied among beer fans.


2. When a friend invites you for a beer, you Shall drink!

No excuses, no “have things to do,” or “I need to wake up early.” It’s not daring. It’s just a beer among friends. Take the beer as it was a blood pact, always confirming your friendship. When the blood stops running, you’re screwed. So keep those glasses full.


3. When a friend pays one round, you can’t run from it. You’ll be the next!

The third rule it’s imperative, ok? Drinking beer is not a lonely and sad experience. You love your friends as much as you like beer, so why aren’t you investing in them as you are investing in, sometimes, the worst beer ever? Every friendship needs to be tested every once in a while, but C’mon! Round is round. And this throws us for the fourth rule.


4. Never stop beer rounds because your friend is out of money!

Ok, your friend is out of money, but he doesn’t want to broke beer code. Fair enough! Let the drama aside. You are friends, so you got each other’s backs! Just remember that next time you’ll drink for free.


5. When a friend needs to talk, the first thing is to buy a beer!

Ok, if a man needs to talk, serious sh** is going on. Prepare the mood to let him comfortable and invite him for the next or closest bar. Grab two couple of beers, wait, and just listening. Remember, the first one it’s all on you!


6. When you invite your friends over… C’mon, it’s just too obvious!

I’m not going to repeat myself, and if you don’t know this rule you just not worth it. If you ever, in your entire life, in any moment of your life, invited friends without having a beer in your fridge because, whether you forgot or your girlfriend doesn’t want you to drink, you just not applied to be a part of the beer code. Just man up!!


7. Drink a beer before meeting a girl

Meeting a girl can be stressful. Especially if you know that she doesn’t drink.  We know all the tricks to be relaxed before a date (yes, they work). But I would say that having a couple of beers three or, at least, two hours before, will help a lot. Drinking beer can give you those annoying and discussing burping and farting sounds. (This is just a fact I’m not inventing anything. Google it). However, if you drink a few hours before, your metabolism will process all the drinking, avoiding those uncomfortable facts. Furthermore, as you’ve been drinking, your brain will settle on the idea that you are actually drunk, giving you that loose, relaxed, and cool attitude. You got her!


Not sure if these rules will help you or adding any value to your beer group common practices, but I’m sure you’ll see drinking differently.

Take a look on your beer packs to fill your fridge with them and invite your friends over. We also have “girlfriend” beers.

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