The Right Glass For The Right Beer

The Right Glass For The Right Beer

Drinking beer and knowing everything about beer is a process. Long gone are the times where we opened our mouths and drank one beer in one shot. Tasting, appreciate, discover, and discuss it is more than like the booze in it. It is indeed a lifestyle. That’s why we prepared a list of glasses that will help you drink the proper beer.

Imperial or Nonic glass:

The most common beer glass in Europe. Usually, with 75cl, this glass is served in bars, restaurants, and also to drink ales and lagers.

Beer Steins:

The German traditional beer stein is basically the same as Beer mugs, but the material differs. Made out of porcelain, stoneware, pewter, silver and wood, beer stein is today’s used as an ornamental or souvenir glassware.

Beer Mugs

Like Beer Steins, beer mugs have, more or less, 1l capacity. Used and served in all Europe, beer mugs have a glass wall to help the beer keeping cool from our hand’s natural warmness.


Usually used on heavy, malty beers, such as Belgian ales and German Bocks, this type of glass helps the drinker to analyze the flavor and aromas thanks to its wide opening.

Pilsner Glasses:

Initially designed for Pilsner beer, this glass is usually used for lighter beers. The slender design allows drinkers to appreciate the colors and carbonation bubbles within their beer.

Tulip & Thistle Glasses:

Created to catch and keep the foam head, the tulip glass helps improve the flavor and aromatics of hoppy and malty brews.

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