Great News!

Great News!

By the time you are reading this, our app may already be on your usual app store. But for now, while I am writing this, its launch is being prepared.

These are exciting times for all APPERITIVO customers, as the project continues to evolve and grow.

So what can you do exactly in this app?

The main objective for our app is to create a platform for the involved member of the APPERITIVO community. When you download the APPERITIVO app you do not have to create a new account, all you have to do is log in with the same account you would put on the website, and all your account information will be automatically present on the app. This means that you won’t have to set your billing address, your payment preferences, your shipping address or any other personal information.

Your complete order history will also be present already in the application in your personal information. There you will be able to see your recent orders, print invoices, and manage your account. Also without any extra effort. This way we want to improve the buying experience without requesting absolutely anything from our customers, well, maybe just download the app! Your buying experience will also be enhanced as we will tailor the content in the app based on your previous orders and choices. This way we intend to be as relevant as possible so you can make your purchases as effectively as possible.

The experience of the Application will be undoubtedly enjoyable as we made it as fast as possible. You will be able to browse the complete shop without any problems in a user-friendly format with a flow designed to make your experience extraordinary.

We added a section with our Master Brewers Magazine so that you can read in the comfort of your phone, without needing to turn your laptop on. This way you will also be notified every-time a new magazine comes out, and you will have access to it in first hand.

What will come in the Future on the APP?

When you download the APP, you will notice that one part will not be available yet. That’s our gamification process, which is being built at this moment. Our idea is to test your beer knowledge and reward you with special offers and promotions. But let’s not go in details right now.

We don’t want to spoil the surprise completely…



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