Always on the bathroom when beer binging?

Always on the bathroom when beer binging?

Since I started to drink, legally, of course, I’ve been struggling with my bathroom trips. When I’m on a date, an important dinner with a client, watching sports with my mates…honestly everywhere. Whenever I drink, I just need to go to the bathroom. Although it is a physiological need, sometimes it would be incredible if I only could control my body over my drinks. So, I started to search and gather vital information to be able to drink, have fun and not to leave the room exactly when the funniest and crucial moments are happening. And I know it happens with you also.

I love to experiment new beers every time i have the chance. I like to know the history of the brewery, the upcoming festivals, food pairing, basically all the culture surrounding the beer world. Therefore, I won’t say I drink a lot, but I’m curious about how are these beers were made and how my body and taste reacts to them. But my body, as all of yours, is strict when it comes to alcoholic drinks. As a diuretic, alcohol will give us the obligation of expelling it out of our bodies regardless of the type of alcohol we are ingesting. Is just how our organism works. Acting directly on the liver, alcohol is like poison to our internal system. Therefore, our body wants to get rid of it as soon as possible and usually in a fluid way. Unfortunately, whether you’re taking a craft beer, a shot or any other less volume drink, it won’t take us the need to go to the bathroom. But two things will. First, don’t try to change your body. Change your way of drinking. You know you’ll be spending a few time in the bathroom if you over drink with your friends, for example, so try to choose heavier beers. Not because of the amount of alcohol or because it fits better with the situation. The reason is simpler. With a more substantial beer, you’ll have a satiety feeling and, therefore will help you reduce the number of beers. Maybe it’s not easy, but, C’mon, we’re not teenagers anymore.

Another trick you can write down is adding non-alcoholic drinks to your beer. Alternating between water or juice, for example, the diuretic effect of the alcohol is reduced by about half and consequently will save you from a few trips to the bathroom, and also from a massive hangover in the next day.

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