Next European Beer Festivals

Next European Beer Festivals

One month from now, we’ll be precisely at the beginning of the classic, and old-time legendary beer festival: Oktober Fest! However, there’s a lot to visit and explore among beer festivals during September. So, let’s not rush things over here!

In the first week of September, between the 7th and 9th September 2018, Brussels will receive the Belgian Beer Weekend. I’m not saying Belgian beers are better than German. There’s plenty of space for both of them. They are the beers of Europe and are known for their incredible brewery’s unique traditions. Therefore, we challenge you to taste both Belgian and German craft beers and let us know your opinion. Meanwhile, let’s continue on the list of next European beer festivals.

After the Oktoberfest, Stuttgart Beer Festival is the biggest beer event in Germany, or should I say Deutschland! You’ll find beer from everywhere, with a great selection of breweries. Czech beer, for example, and even food pairing examples and tastes, with a host animating and introducing you to this new whole experience!

As we are talking about beer festivals, why don’t we add another ramification of it? Whiskey. Yes, there’s a festival gathering beer and whiskey in the same place: Stockholm Beer and Whisky Festival. The one and only event of its kind will take place in Stockholm, (pretty obvious, right?), on two different weekends. From 27th to 29th September 2018 and 4th to 6th October 2018.

Now, are you ready for a physical and open wide beer shop in the middle of Prague? Pilsen Beer Festival. You’ll be able to drink beers from the most prestigious Czech brewery, enjoying live concerts and inhaling that fresh smell of pretzels and barley malt bread out of the oven, made precisely IN the festival!! Without further, previous, or any introduction, Oktoberfest. With an increasingly 6 million visitors every year, the Munich’s beer festival provides their guests with obviously worldwide craft beer, but also products, food, music, and other animations especially for this incredible large community of beer lovers. Although it is tempting to attend all of these festivals, now it comes the hard part. How much, for example, is to attend these, at least, two-days celebrations? Nothing. Zero! Only the beers.

We’ll leave you with a great selection of beers to put you in shape for the beer expert journey all over Europe: category/beer/

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