5 Reasons to Buy Beer Online

5 Reasons to Buy Beer Online

The world we live in is becoming smaller every day. You no longer need to leave your chair to buy virtually, anything. Technology has evolved enough to make your life easier in many ways. What was a complicated task before is now a few clicks away from being solved. In fact, in 2018 e-commerce market value will reach the 2,86 Trillion Dollars mark. Yes, Trillion. It is one of the fastest growing markets expected to nearly double these figures in 2 years. And this means bad news for the traditional market that is experiencing the opposite market change.

There are many reasons to buy products online instead of the conventional market, but no matter how broad this concept becomes there are always people who can’t seem to trust it. Either because they fear to have a fraudulent experience, something that will steal their credit cards information or hack their computer, because they can’t experiment the product before buying it or even because of the shipping times not being appropriated to their needs.

And while most times these concerns have a relatively easy solution some consumers have a tough time converting to the digital life. We decided to leave you with 5 reasons to order your beers online!

1) Convenience: The ability to order your favorite beers in the world while eating dinner, watching tv while in your pajama is something traditional directly can’t offer you. Well, you could go in your pajamas to the shop and choose your beers, but I think it’s better for everyone if you don’t. Being able to read about the beers you are interested, search new beers without leaving your couch is as convenient as it gets. The online market is always open, so you can choose the hour that suits your interests best. There are never lines in online shopping, take your time without any pressure or wasted time.

2) Better Prices: The deals you can get online are often superior to the ones found in traditional local shops. And you have the advantage to quickly compare prices with other online shops and often with physical commerce making sure you get the best price possible. The internet is a source of information. You can choose your favorite beer type and compare it on dozens of online solutions that will ensure you to make the most informed decision possible.

3) Variety: You have a world of beers to choose from in the same place. Without moving, you can search thousands of beers and select the ones you love the most without having to drive to another shop because they don’t have Belgian Strong Ale.

4) Reviews: To me, one of the best parts of buying beers that I don’t know is to taste them and formulate an opinion about them, but you can often avoid a disaster by reading the advice of other users. If 100 reviews are saying that one beer is terrible, you should probably avoid it. The same goes for a beer that as only positive reviews, if you haven’t tasted yet, maybe you should. Once again, it empowers you to make the most informed decision you can.

5) Beer comes to you: You don’t have to carry two packs of 75cl beers. They will meet your home, all you need to do is order, wait and enjoy.

My personal experience when buying beers online is excellent, I like mainly of the easiness that is to discover new exciting beers and the convenience of the concept. Being able to order beers while discovering beers is a definitively must have for me.

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