10 Great European Beer Blogs

10 Great European Beer Blogs

10 Great European Beer Blogs

There is a secular passion that is common among men… I am talking about beer of course.

Beer doesn’t know language barriers – it is, in fact, a facilitator of non-native communication. A study included 50 native German speakers who were studying at Maastricht University, located in the Netherlands near the border with Germany. Overall, the native Dutch speakers rated people in the alcohol group as having better fluency — individually better pronunciation — than those in the water group. Ratings for grammar, vocabulary, and argumentation were similar between groups.

Beer, birrë, bie, bière, Cerveja, Birra – or whatever code name you give it so that your wife thinks your talking about sports – is a standard friendship connection. We at apperitivo are inevitably lost cases. The only thing we love more than beer is to talk about beer. Our love for beer is so deep that we created a beer shop where people could buy all kinds of Belgian beer online – and it became our full-time job. If you are like us, we would like to leave you with 10 exciting blogs “made in Europe” that you can follow beside our blog that you can find right here.

  • Beer Europe – beereurope.blogspot.com

A blog about travels to European destinations, visits to beer festivals, pubs, bars, and breweries. You can find pictures of the journey, information about the experiences and rating of beers. Absorbing material that will keep engaged while you read it.

  • belgium.beertourism.com

In this blog, you will find everything you need to know about the gastronomical part of Belgium. Don’t worry beer and breweries are the main topics in this made in Belgium blog. Enjoyable for those who want to get more in-depth knowledge about the Belgian beer culture.

  • The British Guild of Beer Writers – beerguild.co.uk

“ The British Guild of Beer Writers was formed in 1988 to help spread the word about beers, brewing, and pubs, and our website is dedicated to precisely that pursuit.

In it, you will find listed the cream of the country’s beer media experts – be they journalists, authors, producers, photographers, illustrators or PR people. Somewhere in these pages, you will find a beer professional who can answer any questions you have, produce any articles you need, take any photos you require and inform you about any and all aspects of this famous and extraordinary product. “

Their description says it all, enjoy!

  • Belgian Smaak – belgiansmaak.com

The Belgian Smaak explores the wonderful world of Belgian chocolates and beers. Their story is as amazing as their blog. Elisa and Breandán met in 2010 on an earthquake reconstruction project in Peru during career breaks. While exploring the world of Belgian specialties, they decided to write while discovering these wonders.

  • beeryeti.com – Legendary Beer Culture.

The beer yeti is all about the beer culture. While traveling from the U.K. to the U.S. two friends fell seriously in love for beer, visiting breweries and beer festivals they decided to share the experiences and learning. Beeryeti.com was born. First built as a fun hobby, they started getting over 150,000 visits which turned it into a full-time job!

  • Beer-Pedia – beer-pedia.com

Beer-Pedia is a Greek-based blog that makes the grand junction between beer and food. You can find complete articles about beer education and food pairing, an absolute must for gastronomical lovers!

  • Beer O’clock Show – beerorclockshow.co.uk

The beer o’clock show focus mostly on podcasts, their show it’s called “hopinions,” and every episode has a new beer-related theme they discuss. Very interesting to listen to while drinking a few cold ones!

  • BeerGeek Blog – beergeekblog.co.uk

“It all started in January 2013 when a tasting menu with beer pairings in an excellent dining restaurant blew my mind. Before that beer to me just meant lager or bitter. But they opened my eyes to the wide variety of styles and flavors as well as the possibility of pairing beer with food.

Since then I’ve been on a journey to experience and learn as much about beer as possible. Tasting 1,000s over the last couple of years, including some of the best in the world. I started recording them with Untappd in September 2013 (and clocked up 1,300 unique beer check-ins in the first 18 months), this blog is a natural extension.”

When you love beer, you love beer!

Great blog for diversity lovers!

  • The Irish Beer Snob – irishbeersnob.com

Between podcasts, beer chats and general blogging posts, to discover the adventures and experiences of Mr. and Mrs. Irish Beer Snob is a real pleasure.

  • Boozy Beer Blog – boozybeerblog.co.uk

Focusing mostly on beer rating this is a great blog to keep up with beer tasting and flavors.

From beer lovers to beer lovers we hope you enjoy our European blog selection. The more informed beer drinkers are, the better they will drink, and best discussions will arrive.

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