APPERITIVO Magazine – Beer Is Love, Beer Is Life.

APPERITIVO Magazine – Beer Is Love, Beer Is Life.

The idea of creating a magazine came from the passion we feel about beer and all the elements around it. We wanted to know more about the beer industry and how it all works in the backstage.

“Beer is love, beer is life.”
This is our magazine’s slogan – more then a job, the beer culture means to the apperitivo staff a lifestyle. It’s not uncommon to run into conversations (sometimes discussions) about beers, their differences, their origins, etc. in the apperitivo office. Working with beer gave us the privilege to meet people that are in the field for many years and have all the experience you could dream to learn from. What became simple questions about their beers, brand, and history evolved to an interview. That drove us to kick-start the magazine. We want to share our passion for beer with others and take this privileged inside information and share it with people that love beer as much as we do!

The first edition took us to Maxime Bragard that lead us to the Brasserie C owners, Renaud and François. We interview them from a market perspective; we wanted to know how it began, how it evolved and what is the future for Brasserie C, we were welcomed with open hands and even had the right to some cold ones (that was the whole point). Joking aside, it was a great experience that we are delighted to share.

Having made all preparations and launching the magazine, we started to focus on our next target. We chose Peak Beer, a small brewery at the top of Belgium. What happened next you need to wait to find out.

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