7 Brilliant Beer Ads

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7 Brilliant Beer Ads

Advertisement can be a pain. It can interrupt your favourite tv show, it can pursuit you all trough out Facebook and be relentless, but there are many examples that for many reasons are iconic and you are even glad to share it with others.

Today we will take a look at some of the most iconic beer ads ever, some are quiet old, some are very recent, all are very good.

1 – Heineken, Christmas 2017.

Staring Benicio Del Toro, Heineken as discovered a way to share that their beer is family owned since 1873, in a very fun and clever way.

2 – Carlton Draught “ Big Ad “, 2005.

Winner of the gold medal at lion of Cannes film festival this commercial is as good as iconic being studied in marketing classes all around the world.

3- “Hann – super goes in” – 2012

Another Australian winner of the big gold lion of Cannes, this time in 2012, this ad really makes you want a sip at the Hann beer.

4- Goldstar “Thank God you’re a man”- 2008

Goldstar is an Israeli brand of 4.9% abv lager brewed by Tempo in Netanya. The beer was introduced in 1950, and is currently the top-selling beer in Israel. It is marketed as a dark lager beer, though it is amber in appearance





5-Guiness “ Bring it to Life”

Winner of several awards in 2010, this classic ad from a very classic beer, impressed everyone.

6- Carton Draught “Beer Chase “ 2012 ”

Yes, Carlton Draught, again. This is one of our favourite ads as it perfectly struck the American 80’s movies.

7- Standing up for a friend- Carlsberg.

For our favorite one, a classic Carlsberg action. To call your best friend in the midle of the night and convince them to take 300 euros to an illegal poker game. Would you do it?


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