6 Things you probably didn’t know about beer.

6 Things you probably didn’t know about beer.

When the subject is beer, there are obvious things that come to mind. We know it’s brewed, it’s mainly delicious in the summer if cold, and that if you drink too many of them, you may wake up with a slight headache on the morning after.

There are however some facts that are less obvious, here is 6:

1 – There is one beer that is made with meteorites.
Yes, that’s right, meteorites.

At Dogfish head brewery in Dallas, USA, there is a brew infused with crushed meteorites. To get access to this not so ordinary ingredient, they have partnered with ILC Dover, a company that makes space suits for NASA. Now that is a spacial beer.

2- Ancient Egyptians were paid with beer.
The people working on the pyramids may have been paid with bread and beer as evidence suggested it, this would be their reward for a hard day work.

3- The world’s strongest beer.
While the average ABV of a beer is at around 5% VOL, the Guinness world record for the world’s most robust beer is Scottish; it’s called snake venom that has an astonishing 67.5 % ABV which is stronger than most whiskeys.

4 – Beer is one of the world oldest beverages.
Beer as been called the nectar of the gods and ancient cultures certainly knew this. Mesopotamians had goddesses of beer and prayed to them to give consistently brew quality; they prayed for their beer to be good, we have all been there.

There are even transcripts of Sumerian ancient songs about beer and first recipes that are dated back to 7000 B.C., but some theories believe that humans already brewed beer before that, 10,000 years B.C. and the whole reason why we started cultivating wheat was to make more beer.

5 – Moderated beer consumption has medical benefits.
Binging on a beer like it’s a Netflix show will never be a good idea, you are likely to have a terrible morning after, which only gets worst as you remember the previous night events. But when consumed with moderation it may bring you benefits that can surprise you.

Beer, when consumed moderately has been proved to significantly reduce the possibility of heart disease, which is one of the leading causes of death worldwide, by 60 %. Ales and Stouts are especially great at fighting artery blockage. It also helps protect against degenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s due to the compound Xanthohumol present in Hops that are used in the brewing of the beers. Xanthohumol helps control neuron cells in the brain efficiently preventing the developing of the diseases.

6- Alcoholics in Amsterdam get paid in beer.  
In an innovative concept funded by the Dutch government, alcoholics are being paid in beer to clean the streets of debris and litter. Their payment includes two beers before work, two at lunch and one at the end of the day plus a small sum of money ( 10€).

While this may sound abusive to some, the truth is that it works, and people who will not change their habits get the chance to volunteer, help their community and earn something they want. Of course, that as with any Dutch initiative this one is also working out quite well.

Do you know any other interesting facts that we didn’t mention? You can comment on this post. We would love to ear it.

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