Cuberdon, Belgium Sweet Secret.

cuberdons apperitivo

Cuberdon, Belgium Sweet Secret.

Belgium is known for some gastronomic delicacies that have made this small country that makes a border with France, Germany, and the Netherlands a benchmark place to try their potato chips with mayonnaise, waffles, great beers and handmade chocolates.

And while it is true that any of these products make the trip worthwhile, there is a product that is little mentioned, but that is a real delicacy when it comes to Belgian gastronomy, we speak of Cuberdon.

In the shape of a cone, stiff and sugary exterior surprises anyone who tries it and discovers its soft, bulky and full of flavor interior.

Its original recipe dates back to 1873 when the pharmacist De Vick of the city of Ghent discarded a medicinal syrup. De Vick, when returned to visit the syrup a few days later discovered that the outer sage would have solidified while its interior remained liquid, decided to open a store and so was born Cuberdon.

Although until recently the candy has just been worked for the Belgian market, new marketing techniques and the willingness to share its flavor with the world have included a vast commercial variety so that it can be marketed worldwide. At this point, you can find wafers with a feeling of cuberdon, ice cream and even a vodka with the taste of the small cone. There are more than 30 varieties of Cuberdon with flavors that are unique to particular countries: apple cuberdons are the most popular in Japan, and even there are Coca-Cola flavored for its introduction in the North American market.

Whoever tries the cuberdon does not forget its taste, like many other Belgian flavors.

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