Brew your own beer!

apperitivo brew your own beer

Brew your own beer!

As you probably know by now, American beer brew culture is the fastest growing culture that exists at the moment, moving from big beer brands people are enjoying small craft beers, and they are even making it in their own homes.

When it comes to beer brewing, you have endless possibilities, and this is what is making people so interested in crafting their beers. All the process that, hopefully, you will know by the end of this text, can have small changes that make entirely different beers. From the fermenting temperature to the hops selected, to the time you insert the hops… All slimmest process changes create new and unique beers.

First and foremost you need brewing equipment. This consists of several pieces of stuff you can order online on such places as Amazon, where a starting brewing kit costs as little as 70 euros. You can get one right here

Once you have your beer making equipment, you got to get your beer-making ingredients. There are two types of ingredients you are going to have to deal with.

All Grains:

You need to get all grains a crack them, put them through a mashing process which will release all the sugars in the grains that will be converted into alcohol. From your brew kit grab your pot and add around 15 liters of water into the pan, 15 Litters of water will only give you about 9.5 liters of beer, this extra quantity that you use is to allow to lose some of the water while boiling your beer and some while your filtering the sugar of your mashed grains.

Heat up the water until a temperature you set for your recipe, for example, for a mango IPA we boiled it at around 70 Cº, then put a selection bag, that its just like a tea bag and add your mashed grains into the bag. Make sure you stir the grains, so you don’t clog the grains together losing some of the potential sugar you can extract from them.

After you add your grains it is expected that the temperature lowers, in our case until around 60Cº, you should keep it at that for 30 minutes, keep checking the temperature and mixing the grains to keep the sugar flow perfect. If the temperature drops more then 10 Cº turns the heat back on for around 1 minute until it gets within the desired range.

After 30 minutes the water should have changed colors entirely, and it smells fantastic, you will have this sugary malty water ready to craft your beers. Remove the large brew bag and let it drip naturally as squeezing it can give a bitter taste that you don’t want in your beer.


After removing the bag from the pot, its time to boil your residual water and start making the beers itself. Boiling the water will remove all bacteria and have a bright final idea of the products, it is at this stage that we add hops to start gaining that flavor.

The hops you get for brewing come prepared to be added to the boiling grained water, as soon you open the bag with your hops you will immediately understand why are these flowers that give all the aromas and taste to your beer. They smell amazing. There are tons of different hops you can buy depending on what type of beer you go for.

The time of boiling in which you add your hops also have a significant influence in taste if you add the hops at the beginning of boiling you will have a more bitter beer, as you are letting the flour cook for an extended period. On the contrary, if you add the hops by the end of the brewing, you will have a much sweeter, aroma filled beer, since the cooking time is shorter.

Add hops as your recipe suggests, for example for ou IPA we added some at minute 0, some at min 45 and some at 60 min when the boiling stops.

After finishing your boiling, you need to cool the water down as it will destroy the yeast if you put it in while the water is boiled. There are many ways you can do this, we just used the most common form, which was leaving the pot on the sick with cold water around and waited until it cools down to room temperature.

Having that pure malty water down to room temperature the next thing you want to do is sanitize, getting rid of all the bacteria you want to make sure you don’t add any during the rest of the process. You can find the sanitization ways and means in your brewing kit.

Once you are done sanitizing, you need to pass the beer to remove the excess grain that stuck from all the boiling, do that and add the yeast and you basically have yourself your beer.

Well, you need to wait around for weeks for it to become complete. After the two weeks have passed, you will have given you need to sanitize once again your bottles where you are pouring the beer.

Also, you need to cook up some priming sugar to add to your beer, don’t worry, your recipe will tell you precisely the right quantities you need. This added sugar is to make the carbonation process that will have your beer tasty.

Pour the beer from its container to another sanitized container with caution so you won’t insert the muck that stays in the bottom of the first bowl and you can start bottling your beers. After you are done bottling your beer, you should wait around two to three weeks to make sure your beer is perfectly fermented and carbonized. Once this process is complete you need to chill your beer is a cold place. The time depends on your recipe.

Now that you have crafted your beer is time to enjoy!

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