Beer Trends for 2018

apperitivo beer trends 2018

Beer Trends for 2018

This last year was an excellent year for the beer lover. It’s hard to image someone that doesn’t enjoy a dripping glass of a very lively Super Bock ( Portuguese beer ) on a scorching summer day. Or a glass of Curtius C on a rainy winter day. Personally, I wouldn’t be the same without a great beer in the perfect time. Like me, many others are joining the beer trend. Beer, especially craft beer, is achieving never seen milestones. For example, the number of breweries in the U.S. has risen a lot. It is estimated that in 2017 there were 6000+ more breweries in the United States of America. This means 700 more when compared to the previous year.

This trend doesn’t apply to America only. Also in Europe, we are watching a slow but steady growth in micro-breweries that differentiate themselves from each other and between big breweries. This is leading to a decrease in the typical beer consumption, variety and craft beer are slowly substituting big brands.

1.    Fruitfull Freshness

This first trend has been coming for some time now, although its no news, breweries, and consumers are taking these beers more seriously, which as brought next level.

Beers like Lindemans Pecheresse Peach, Kopparberg Lemon and Lime Fruit Lager, Kasteel Rouge Cherry, Mongozo Coconut and many others have been growing a place with severe beer advocates. More and more, like wine, beers, in general, are becoming tasteful and utterly different from each other. Promoting the tasting experts to keep uncovering new flavors.


You have read somewhere about IPA beers, but what are IPAS?

IPA stands for India Pale Ale. IPA was created to survive long boat trips from the British empire in the naval period. An abundance of hops characterizes the IPA’s we encounter today. Several varieties of hops may be used at different times throughout the brewing process. Hops affect flavor, aroma, and bitterness. IPAS often smell like citrus, pine, or flowers.

Expect more IPAS and more commonality in this type of beer. Diversity is the name of the game.

3.    Food Pairing

You love Beer. You love food. You love life.

Food Pairing is not news, what is new is that beer brands are specializing in creating a beer that matches with specific foods. For example, Estrella Damn created a beer with the renowned chef Ferran Andria in combination with world-class sommeliers to create a beer to drink with particular food. This trend is estimated to continue in 2018 and grow to become the norm.

4.    Barrel aging and fermenting

Since the beginning of the craft beer phenomenon that this has been a concern and a must do for breweries of all sizes. Beers that can be aged and produced in the barrel, this attributes to the beers the status of cultural wine. While they are now hard to find and are usually premium high-end products in 2018, this should too become a norm in the crafting beer world.


Craft Beer: if you haven’t reached this conclusion yet we want to make it clear. Craft beer is the future, and it will be accentuated in 2018, more and more brewery companies are appearing in the beer world, reformulating processes, adding value to the way beers are made and making different “one-of-a-kind-beers” that are changing the way we see the beer industry and the way it works.

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