Can music change how chocolate, beer and wine taste?

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Can music change how chocolate, beer and wine taste?

Have you ever found beer excessively bitter, wine to sweet or that chocolate that you are always eating taste like something new? It could be the music you’re listening to.

The Belgian study conducted by Dr. Filipe Carvalho served three types of beer and asked participants to rate the beers from sweet to sour according to the music it was playing. Surprisingly, people rated the beer sweeter when the sweet soundtrack was playing and sourer when the bitter soundtrack was. So, the same beer, within the three different beers was placed twice to each participant. Once while bitter music played, and another time while sweet music played and tasted differently to the audience.

‘For the first time, we have demonstrated that it is possible to systematically modulate the perceived taste and strength of beers, by sonic cues.’ Said Dr. Filipe. This could mean that restaurants can change the music to change your perception of the food taste, it’s like eating the music itself.

Volunteers at the music and instruments museum, in Belgium, were asked to taste a particular beer and rate the experience each time with different background music. Not knowing that it was, in fact, the same beer every time and only music was changing.

Their conclusion was that “’The results demonstrate that soundtracks that had been specially developed to evoke a specific taste can effectively be used to influence the participants’ So if you are listening to some happy and sweet background music it’s likely that the beer you are having will taste sweeter regardless the strength or alcohol volume it contains, and bitter if the music you are listening to is too.

It seems like we transfer the feelings that the music offer us to the experience we are having.  Next time you open a bottle of your favorite beer, sip on some great wine or have a bite of chocolate be sure you choose the right music.

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