Belgian Chocolate, a precious tale

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Belgian Chocolate, a precious tale

By the end of this text, I hope you will not only be hungry but willing to try one of the most precious cultural heritage experiences the Belgian people offer the world.

To start this Journey right, we need to go back to 1635 when Belgium was under the Spanish occupation that brought the chocolate to these exceptional chocolate makers. It was extremely popular at the time in the middle and upper classes to consume chocolate, and the Belgian liked it hot the most. In the 1900’s while Belgian had the Congo territory occupied it imported with ease cocoa from its African part of the world. Chocolate became more accessible than ever. Everyone was enjoying it ( the way it’s meant to be ).

Being the worlds first country to work chocolate in the sense that we know it’s natural that also the way chocolate is processed nowadays has roots in Belgium culture. They were the first ones to discover how to make a cold shell for the chocolate, the squares the world now knows as pralines. While this may seem insignificant if it weren’t for Jean Neuhaus you wouldn’t have pralines filled with flavors like coffee, hazelnut, caramel, etc. You know those Reeses that you just can’t seem to find a way to stop eating? You should thank the sweet people from the heart of Europe, Belgian people that is.

As In every garden in Portugal there’s winery, in every corner in Italy there’s an olive oil supplier there are plenty of chocolate shops in Belgium to try their most intricate delicacy you can think of. This quantity of shops is by no meaning related to the lesser quality of ingredients, by the contrary, stop at whatever chocolate shop, and you will find that the chocolate is made by hand with premium natural cacao and using artisanal ways to get to the final product. There are not many huge retailers and chocolate makers in Belgium, but many small ones that ensure that each chocolate has almost an own life.

The care and caution that the Belgium chocolate undergoes is fantastic. Each small shop ensures the quality of every product. You are trying a piece of Belgium every time you enjoy a praline, a hot chocolate or anything manufactured in a Belgian chocolatier.

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